Neeti Engineering Works

Neeti  Engineering Works entered the Truck Tanker and Bowser industry during the COVID-19 time in 2020.  They are backed by a team of experienced professionals who hold rich domain knowledge in their respective fields. 

How did the Client find Shani Developers?

Client searched us on google, after that they visited our website, they read some reviews which were given by our old clients and then called us

What our client sought?

Client wanted that first he should have a good website so that people can get more information about his company and he also told us that whenever someone searches the best oil tanker manufacturer in Madhya Pradesh, then our website should be visible. 


After the initial design and wireframe, client had no clue how the website should look. Which is why he asked us to study on some similar websites and design his website accordingly.  Upon finalizing the wireframe, we started with the development and content creation. 


After spending 4 weeks and working hard on the design and concept so that the client likes the work, the final work ended up being something client didn’t expect and was really happy with the website and SEO

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